Working It Out: Life, Work and Wellbeing in Times of Change


[This page was first published in July 2020]


Our homes, once our sanctuary, have been transformed into the epicentre of everything we now do. Work, schooling, socialising and exercise all take place under the same roof. With no acclimatisation period or forewarning, our lives have evolved dramatically in the last few months.


Sustrans Scotland and Way to Work were delighted to announce a series of interactive events which were designed to holistically support you during the period of lockdown and beyond.


We partnered with a range of inspiring speakers including Olympians, business leaders, charitable founders and coaches covering topics such as resilience and motivation.


The series aimed to provide you with the skills that you need to evaluate, plan and adapt to modern life, increase levels of physical activity and make positive change.


Working It Out 2.0 - Anna Bell


First broadcast: Thursday 26th November 2020, 3:00pm


Anna has been working as an independent coach and trainer since 2015, specialising in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), resilience, mindfulness, and creativity. She has over 30 years’ experience of coaching, developing, and leading people, which sparked a fascination for how people think, feel, behave, and go through change. This led her to follow her passion for supporting people to bring out the best in themselves and others, both personally and professionally.



Contact Anna at if you want to explore how you can have more influence over your habits and patterns of thoughts and behaviour, through one-to-one coaching, workshops, or NLP training.

Working It Out - Myles Edwards


First broadcast: Wednesday 27th May 2020, 12:30pm


Myles is a Scottish 1,500m champion and a motivational speaker. When training at altitude in Kenya, he met Gideon Gathimba, a former Kenyan Olympian. An inspirational visit to a children’s home provided the catalyst for them to establish the Gathimba Edwards Foundation to help disadvantaged children in Kenya. They have now built 39 houses for 178 kids and support 420 children, ensuring they have access to education, shelter and clothing, seminars, counselling and sustainable food solutions.


Myles’ talk focused on motivation and dealing with setbacks he encountered in his running career. He discusses why he was inspired to establish the Gathimba Edwards Foundation.


Working It Out: Dave Moorcroft


First broadcast: Wednesday 3rd June 2020, 12:30pm


Dave Moorcroft is a former middle-distance and long-distance runner and a former world record holder for 5,000 metres. His athletic career spanned the late-1970s and 1980s. He subsequently served as the Chief Executive of UK Athletics from 1997 to 2007. He received an MBE in 1983 and an OBE in 1998 for services to British sport.


He discussed the challenges he faced in his distinguished running career and how he overcame them. He shared his thoughts on staying motivated and being resilient together with his top tips on working from home during lockdown.


Working It Out - Alex McMaster and Merlin Hetherington


First broadcast: Wednesday 10th June 2020, 12:30pm


This webinar featured Alex McMaster and Merlin Hetherington. Interested in ways to explore the world that bring purpose to adventure, the pair set off on a tandem bicycle from Cairo. Their pedal-powered transport was to take them to 10 countries whilst delivering training to medical students with an innovative tool for assisting in the diagnosis of eye and ear conditions. They were forced to abandon their bike half-way through the journey and innovated some curious ways to keep going, including simply using their own four feet.


This webinar explored how we adapt, prepare and recover from setbacks and included tales from a 11000km leg-powered journey into African eyecare.



Working It Out - Anna Bell


First broadcast: Wednesday 17th June 2020, 12:30pm


Anna Bell started working from home long-term five years ago, and talked about her experience of adjusting to her new working life, how she incorporated regular physical activity, and lessons learned on mindset and the practicalities that helped her.


She discussed motivation & resilience, how our thoughts shape our experiences, the importance to ‘respond not react’, and shared seven things resilient people do.