Working It Out webinar series providing support during lockdown

We’ve launched a series of online events designed to holistically support you during the period of lockdown and beyond.

In partnership with Sustrans Scotland, the series aims to provide you with skills that you need to evaluate, plan and adapt to modern life, increase levels of physical activity and make positive change.


Our homes are at the centre of everything we do. Work, school, socialising and exercise all take place under the same roof. With no acclimatisation period, our lives have changed dramatically in the last few months.


As we all adapt to a new normal, we’re hearing from a range of inspiring speakers including Olympians, business leaders, charitable founders and coaches. They’ll share their experience of overcoming challenges, building resilience and staying motivated.


To find out more about the webinars, visit the Eventbrite pages below:


27 May:- Myles Edwards is a Scottish 1,500m champion and motivational speaker. He  talks about how he founded a children’s charity in Kenya. Book now


3 June:-Dave Moorcroft is a former world record holder for 5,000 metres and Chief Executive of UK Athletics. He talks about motivation and physical activity. Book now.


10 June:-Alex McMaster  talks about his cycling adventure across the African continent to Cape Town, to help in the fight against preventable blindness and deafness. Book now.


17 June:- Anna Bell is  a mum, carer, foodie, music fan and puppy owner. She offers a diverse range of services to support individuals and groups at significant moments in their personal and professional lives. So they can thrive, overcome challenges and build resilience. Book now.