Over to You: Taking Action in Your Workplace


As businesses emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic, the Scottish Government is calling for a Green Recovery.


Organisations are thinking about how they can build back in a more sustainable way, and play their part in achieving our national target of net zero emissions by 2045.


This call to action is urgent and was spurred on by the arrival of the UN Climate Change Conference, COP26, in Glasgow in November 2021.


The good news is that there are lots of ways you can have a big positive impact in reducing transport emissions caused directly and indirectly by your business activities.


Below are 5 actions that you can take in your workplace:


1. Identify the impact of commuting and business travel

Where do your emissions come from and how can you tackle this?


2. Create company policies that enable staff to travel by active and sustainable travel

How could you prioritise active and sustainable travel across your organisation?


3. Create working environments that promote active and sustainable travel

How could you improve facilities and instil a culture that encourages active and sustainable travel?


4. Advocate internally for active and sustainable travel

How could you increase awareness amongst your employees?


5. Advocate externally for active and sustainable travel

What could you do to support or develop active and sustainable travel initiatives in your community?



We encourage you to commit to one or more of these actions – or an action of your choosing – by making a pledge.


Join other organisations and pledge to support active and sustainable travel in your workplace here.


For further resources on each of these 5 actions and on the climate emergency, click here.